It’s alive!

Mitch Traphagen Photo

Social media is alive. And, as such, your social media presence requires care and feeding. Finding new and compelling content can be a challenge, particularly in today’s fast paced environment, the importance of┬ástaying in touch with your customers or fans simply cannot be overstated, yet the act of keeping your social presence updated can easily fall down the list of priorities.

That should never happen.

I can help. For larger organizations, your team members and employees are a trove of great information that could be shared with those who follow you. I am an experienced journalist and have conducted many dozens of interviews. I can help find the outstanding pieces and parts that you’re team already has — information that will promote you and keep your customers or fans engaged, through simple (but focused) conversations. All recorded on video.

Or just text or email me — I’ll learn everything possible about your organization and will provide meaningful content for you.

Either way, I can help in the care and feeding of your media presence, freeing you up to keep your business or your art in motion. Oh, and I’ll be certain to capture the motion, too…

— Mitch